Glamour Edit

Photoshop has recently been a topic of much discussion. I am not here to fuel the fire for either argument. However, I do want to educate you on the JLP glamour process. This form of editing is my go to for most high school senior portraits. That being said, the way your images are edited is entirely up to you! I love my seniors, and I LOVE to show their beauty! With the new digital era, cameras capture the image with unbelievable crispness; sharpness that magnifies the tiniest details. I want your eyes to sparkle, and your smile to shine. I edit to highlight your features and magnify the beauty I see in you! With the Jacie Leigh Photography senior session, you get the full experience, from hair and makeup, to your own entourage during your session. Take a peek at a speed edit from one of my 2016 Senior Model’s session, McKenzie!