Making Your Portrait a Work of Art

When I started my photography business in 2012, I did so in the hopes of being able to create something for every client that they would want to hang on their wall. I love the digital age, but there’s something so much more meaningful about having something to hold, and pass on to future generations.

I remember as a child going to my grandparents house and sneaking in to their closet to go through their trunk of memories. I loved being able to hold and read the letters that they so lovingly wrote and sent to each other while my grandfather was in the military. I loved sorting through the photographs, some wrinkled or torn, some in perfect condition. It made me feel like I was part of that history. I truly believe that is where my love for photographs began, and definitely inspired me to keep a diary, write actual-hand-written letters, and now, as I eagerly look forward to my future, have printed photographs. Even if some, probably all, at some point in time, may end up in a trunk or the attic; tucked away, but when discovered brings back memories, or inspires wonder of the past.

I want every bride and groom, mother or father, child or friend to be able to have an image or images that are more than just a digital copy.  More, a work of art that features them or someone they love. Sometimes, the weather or the lighting, or even the subject doesn’t play nicely for that picturesque image. I strive to merge the moment that originates those memories with the beauty I see. That being said, sometimes it takes a little bit more work. I LOVE IT! Expressions carry the stories, and expressions can be captured.

In this particular image, I wanted to create an image for these siblings and their wonderful mother. Something that every time they look at it, it takes them back to the fun evening in the dandelions.

While culling through an hours-worth of laughter, silliness, giggles and love, precious moments caught on camera, I came across two images that you can’t help but smile at. A few more hours at my computer produced a final image I can’t wait to see on their wall! MO6A3602merge preview